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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Five ways an orthodontist could help you and your children

Orthodontists are specially-trained dentists who can give you a better smile.

They do this by bringing the teeth, jaw bones and facial profile into proper alignment.

Here are five ways they could help you or your family:

- Straightening your teeth to cut the risk of decay and gum disease

- Enhancing your appearance to boost your self-esteem

- Correcting protruding or misaligned teeth to get rid of speech problems

- Treating jaw joint difficulties known as TMJ

- Correcting jaw problems

An orthodontist will give you a full oral examination looking not just at the teeth but also at surrounding structures, jaw joints, facial aesthetics, muscular functions and speech patterns.

There are several options after this examination.

Sometimes - for example in younger children - it is too soon to do anything so they might advise coming back in a few months.

As the majority of a child's facial growth happens before age 10, early treatment can deliver results without needing to have teeth extracted and may mean less time with braces.

When most of the adult teeth have erupted, it is possible to re-align the teeth into the desired position.

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